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Layer2 Cloud Connector helps ChemWerth integrate local ERP with Microsoft Office 365.

"The Layer2 Cloud Connector executed all of our SQL statements, then flawlessly loaded the returned data into SharePoint Online every time."

Barry Noble , SYNEV/ChemWert, Layer2


ChemWerth is a full-service generic drug development and supply company that provides high-quality Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients to regulated markets worldwide.
To help facilitate their move to the Microsoft Cloud, ChemWerth tasked Layer 2 Partner, SYNEV, with synchronizing local Sage ERP-managed documents and SQL metadata to SharePoint Online document libraries and lists. SYNEV implemented the Layer2 Cloud Connector application to help ChemWerth users manage documents and workflows across both the on-premises solution and the Cloud.
With the Sage system continuing to drive much of ChemWerth’s business strategy, SYNEV would have to implement the Layer2 Cloud Connector quickly and with minimal downtime. Both SYNEV and Layer2 believed that Microsoft Office 365, when fully deployed, would help ChemWerth reduce costs, increase their organizational capacity, and foster better team collaboration.


One aspect of the ChemWerth project involved creating content storage for documents associated with Sage 300 ERP (AccPac) transactions. Layer2 created Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint libraries to store documents associated with Customer Orders, Vendor Purchases, and Product Shipments. This way, SharePoint document sets are automatically created whenever Sage transactions create records in the AccPac header tables. Subsequent SharePoint workflows interact with the “connected” header and detail records, insuring the documents are properly tagged and quality assured.
“The Layer2 Cloud Connector is the glue that binds AccPac transactions to SharePoint lists,” explains SYNEV’s Barry Noble about the ChemWerth project requirements. “The Cloud Connector executed all of our SQL statements, then flawlessly loaded the returned data into SharePoint every time. If there was an error, it was our error, in which case the connector appropriately logged the error with an intelligible message. Our recommendation: The Layer2 Cloud Connector is a no brainer."
With an interface that is easy to use and understand, the Layer2 Cloud Connector helps anyone familiar with the utilities in the Microsoft stack to be productive immediately.


The benefits of the Layer2 Cloud Connector include:
  • Lower project risks and costs through codeless data integration with no touch of the connected systems.
  • 100+ external systems supported.
  • Secure data transfer directly from the local network. No 3rd party is involved in the transfer.
  • Synchronization architecture with low complexity.
  • Users work with the Cloud only, not cross-system.
  • Access to synced local ERP data at any time, from anywhere, and with any device.
  • Increased benefits and user adoption of new Microsoft Cloud-based solutions.
Juan Carlos González 10/06/2015 07:05 I have to say that I have been following for a time Layer2 Products and they fill many existing gaps to integrate OnPremises data into the Cloud...and specifically in SPO in Office 365. I could proposse Layer2 to my customers just to address some specific integration requirements